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Born in the ‘80s, celebrated in the 2000s, and reimagined today, Slipstream is a fresh evolution of a classic court style. Its design stands out with a modern look and dynamic lines for today’s sneakerheads. Available in women's, men's, unisex and kids sizes.

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Slipstream Reclaim Suede Unisex Sneakers 4099683181973 NZ$ 180.00
Slipstream Lo Self-Love Sneakers Women 4099683069455 NZ$ 153.00
Slipstream Leather Sneakers - Youth 8-16 years 4065449565301 NZ$ 108.00
Slipstream Suede FS Alternative Closure Sneakers Kids 4065452738532 NZ$ 100.00
Slipstream Bball Unisex Sneakers 4065454967619 NZ$ 136.00
Slipstream Bball Unisex Sneakers 4099683172667 NZ$ 153.00
Slipstream Sneakers Women 4099683142035 NZ$ 170.00
Slipstream PRM Women's Sneakers 4099683122297 NZ$ 162.00
Slipstream PRM Women's Sneakers 4099683124222 NZ$ 162.00