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Studio Trend Women's Training Tank 4065449032025 NZ$ 28.00
Studio Trend Women's Training Tank 4064537698860 NZ$ 28.00
Studio Foundation Women's Training Tee 4064537927410 NZ$ 33.00
Studio Ultramove Men's Training Shorts 4065453080920 NZ$ 64.00
20% OFF
Studio Yogini Luxe High Waist 7/8 Women's Training Leggings 4063698897327 NZ$ 90.00
18% OFF
Studio Foundation Wash Men's Training Tee 4099683879986 NZ$ 39.00
29% OFF
Studio Plastic Free Men's Training Joggers 4099683957844 NZ$ 90.00

Own your OM with the PUMA Studio Collection, a fashion-meets function yoga line featuring the latest in style and technology—from core-baring tanks and high-waisted leggings to moisture-wicking fabrics and comfort-first cuts. Plus, every piece contains at least 30% recycled material, bringing another type of consciousness to your practice. Have your moment of zen on your terms.

What Kind of Clothing Is Appropriate for Yoga?

Yoga is much like any other type of exercise in that wearing the right type of clothing will help boost your performance and comfort levels. For yoga specifically, the right kind of clothing is any garment that fits well and facilitates mobility.

A typical yoga session involves stretching and testing your range of motion. Exercise clothing that is either too baggy or tight is unlikely to maximise your performance and may lead you to spend more time focusing on the fit of your outfit rather than your connection between movement and breath.

Most people find that form-fitting leggings are an excellent bottoms option and pair well with a matching cropped top. If you prefer a little extra coverage up top, consider our Studio FT Women’s Sweatshirt, which combines innovative fabric technology with our eco-friendly commitment, making it an excellent choice for performance and the environment.

For men, the rules around yoga clothing follow much the same path. A Studio Yogini Lite Training Tee paired with our M Studio Men’s 2-in-1 Training Shorts offers the perfect combination of comfort and performance.

For yoga clothes that prioritise performance, shop at PUMA.   

What Should I Look for in Yoga Pants or Leggings?

The best yoga pants and leggings prioritise fit and performance. 

Take our ever-popular Studio Women’s Trend Printed Training Leggings, for example. Featuring a tight, figure-flattering fit with mesh inserts for maximum flow and dryCELL moisture-wicking technology for enhanced temperature control, they’re a perfect choice — whether you’re fitting in a quick yoga session at home or sweating it out at the gym.

If you prefer a slightly looser fit, consider our Studio Women’s French Terry Training Pants. Boasting a tailored fit with cut-out design elements at the waist and hem for increased movement, the addition of dryCELL technology will help you stay cool and calm, as practising yoga should be. 

Of course, it doesn’t hurt to choose a pair of yoga leggings that add a dash of style to your outfit, which is why it makes more than good sense to shop at PUMA. 

Should I Wear Shorts or Leggings for Pilates?

Yoga and pilates ask much the same in an outfit: freedom and flexibility of movement. The choice between shorts and leggings really comes down to your personal preference. However, there are some key benefits to each type of bottom.

Your form and technique are very important if you are to maximise the benefits of pilates. Wearing shorts can help make it easier for you and your instructor to gain a clearer understanding of how you are handling specific movements and ways to improve your performance. 

Leggings and tights, on the other hand, tend to be more form-fitting and can provide extra peace of mind that you are fully covered and supported. When shopping at PUMA, men have the option of combining the two by purchasing a pair of our popular M Studio Men’s 2-in-1 Training Shorts that are packed with features to help maximise performance and comfort.

Whether you prefer leggings or shorts, PUMA have you covered.  

What Is the Best Outfit for Pilates?

Given the nature of pilates, the best outfit is one that fits like a second skin. Stretching and holding poses for prolonged periods of time requires supportive clothing that facilitates breathability. Women might want to try our Studio Women’s Ultrabare Trend Tights paired with a matching Women’s Strappy Training Bra. Men might opt for a pair of Studio Ultramove Training Shorts with a Yogini Light Training Tank Top.

We even have a range of maternity pilates clothes, perfect for mums-to-be who have approval from their healthcare professional and want to remain active during their pregnancy. 

Browse the full collection of pilates clothes online and mix and match to your heart’s content. The possibilities are endless with PUMA.   

Shop for Yoga and Pilates Clothes in NZ at PUMA

For yoga and pilates clothes in NZ, there’s no better place to shop than PUMA. Our clothing is jam-packed with exclusive technology that can take your performance to the next level. Available in an array of styles and colours, browse the complete collection online today.