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Take your game to new levels with our men's football boots. Find your perfect fit with our FUTURE and PUMA ONE football boots, or rock the stuff of legends with our King football boots worn by some of the best in the game. Browse the complete collection online today. What Boots Do Football Players Wear? Professional footballers are...

Take your game to new levels with our men's football boots. Find your perfect fit with our FUTURE and PUMA ONE football boots, or rock the stuff of legends with our King football boots worn by some of the best in the game.

Browse the complete collection online today.

What Boots Do Football Players Wear?

Professional footballers are known for their speed, balance and agility. When you're sprinting up the pitch, dodging and weaving between opponents, you need to be confident that your boots are going to provide appropriate traction and support. 

Whether you're playing in the park with friends or lining up on the biggest of stages, wearing the right footwear will make a world of difference to your performance.

With many of the world's top players relying on our football boots — including Neymar Jr., Kingsley Coman, Christian Pulisic and more — you know you're in good hands with PUMA.

Is There A Difference Between Soccer Boots And Football Boots?

The terms' soccer' and 'football' are often used interchangeably. The sport has always been known as 'football' in its home United Kingdom. However, elsewhere in the world, the game is often referred to as 'soccer' to prevent confusion with other national football leagues.

Different types of football, including rugby and Australian football, tend to be played under different conditions and on varying surfaces. If performance and injury prevention is important to you, be sure to purchase boots that are sport-specific. 

What Is Special About Football Shoes?

Football boots are specifically designed to cope with the demands of the sport, which are unlike the physical stressors you could expect in basketball, running, golf, or any other type of competitive game.

PUMA men's football boots are jam-packed with exclusive technology designed to help players maximise their speed and performance.

Take, for example, the FUTURE Match+ LL FG/AG Football Boots. Designed to take your game to the next level, these boots feature top-of-the-line PUMA technology to facilitate speed and creativity on the pitch. 

FUZIONFIT+ adaptive compression technology is designed to lock down your foot and allow for more explosive movements on the pitch. Of course, there's no point in making your move if your shoes can't keep up with you. The second-generation Dynamic Motion System outsole provides traction and agility for improved ball control, no matter the pitch conditions.

Add our super lightweight Peba base, nano grip technology, and a Dynamic Motion System outsole, and you've got a boot that delivers optimum speed, traction, and performance.

Not all football shoes are special, but those designed by PUMA certainly fit that description.

Why Do Football Shoes Have Studs?

Football is fast-paced and physically demanding, requiring players to sprint, jump, and pivot at a moment's notice. The wrong footwear can quickly lead to slips and falls, potentially causing injury. 

Here, studs enter the picture. These small protrusions on the sole of a football shoe provide traction on certain surfaces, helping players maintain their footing as they turn on a dime and dance away from opponents. 

Not all studs are made equal, though. Their size and shape vary depending on the playing surface. PUMA's range of men's football shoes includes boots designed to be used on various surfaces.

Take the ULTRA Ultimate Teaser FG/AG Football Boots, for example. FG/AG stands for Firm Ground/Artificial Ground, meaning these boots are perfect for tougher surfaces. The FUTURE 1.3 MxSG Men's Football Boots, on the other hand, with their combination of bladed and conical screw-in studs, are ideal for Mixed Soft Ground pitches (MxSG).

Other boot options include the Ultra Match TT Men's Football Boots with studs suitable for turf training, Ultra Match IT Men's Football Boots, which are studless for indoor training, and more.

Can I Play Football With Normal Shoes?

While you certainly can play football with standard sneakers, should you?

Whether playing in the park with friends or at the level where you're training several times a week, men's football boots offer several advantages over any other type of sports sneaker.

Consider the ULTRA Match FG/AG Football Boots, for example. A good pair of football boots will fit like a second skin, which is certainly true with the lightweight mesh and GripControl skin found in the ULTRA range.

The knitted design provides lightweight, breathable, formfitting comfort and the ultimate ergonomic fit. Don't settle for a running sneaker with clunky construction that will only weigh you down. Instead, strive for the sock-like fit of the ULTRA Match FG/AG Football Boots. 

That's not where the advantages end. The external heel counter provides support and durability, while the TPU SPEEDPLATE outsole has a stud configuration that promotes high speeds.

Plus, when you're juggling the ball to out-manoeuvre your opponents, you want to be wearing a soft upper to ensure traction with the ball.

Now that you have a better understanding of how PUMA technology can take your game to the next level, do you think you can play football with normal shoes? We'll leave that up to you!

What Are The Best Football Boots In 2023?

To play like the best, you've gotta be wearing the best. You've gotta be wearing PUMA.

Our range of football boots in NZ is comprehensive and includes boots suitable for use on all surfaces, from indoor training to firm outdoor turf. 

If you're simply going for a kick in the park with friends – and want to look street-smart in the process – consider the KING 21 IT Football Boots. The best boots for having a casual kickabout, the clean retro lines coupled with the rubber outsole and lace closure for snug fit make these shoes a functional and stylish choice. 

At the other end of the spectrum, we have the ULTRA SL GLOW FG Men's Football Boots, a pair of boots infused with PUMA technology to ensure optimum performance. If the ultra-fast Peba SpeedUnit outsole, lightweight soft woven upper, and removable sockliner weren't enough, these boots actually glow in the dark. What more could you ask for?

PUMA offers men's football boots to suit players of all levels and abilities. Regardless of your specific needs, there's a pair of PUMA football boots for you.

Shop For Men's Football Boots With PUMA

Take the pitch with confidence with a pair of PUMA men's football boots on your feet. 

Combining innovative technology with fashion-forward styling, PUMA football shoes are for everyone, from those taking to the training field to professionals lining up for global glory. With a range of sizes and styles available, you'll certainly find what you're looking for.

Browse the complete collection online today. 

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