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UV Favourite Woven Women's Running Jacket 4064535783360 NZ$ 100.00
ESS Padded Women's Vest 4064537700556 NZ$ 130.00
Essentials Women's Padded Vest 4063699057225 NZ$ 120.00
Classics Women's Chore Jacket 4099683607398 NZ$ 170.00

If you’ve been looking for a durable and practical track jacket for performance on the go, PUMA’s range of gym jackets for women delivers. Our dryCELL technology keeps you feeling fresh through the day by wicking moisture away during those sweaty workouts. 

Check out the complete collection of women’s lightweight jackets today. 

Revolutionary Runs with PUMA

Hit the streets with PUMA’s women’s track jackets and enjoy the best of both worlds. Soft, breathable fabric that looks good enough for your next get-together. Our outerwear is crafted to make you feel comfortable on the field or at dinner with your mates. 

Thanks to our effortlessly stylish designs, you can enjoy wearing your padded jackets no matter what the weather. Our designs offer: 


Keeps you protected from rain so you can stay dry while heading to the station or warming up. The PUMA x AMI varsity green jacket does a great job and looks smooth with a pop of colour. It’s also made with 20% recycled materials and cotton. 


Designed to trap heat, our breathable fabric with warmCELL technology protects you from the cold weather on those winter runs. The MINI puffer jacket is light enough to carry around and keep you snug come rain or snow. A winning choice for day or night.


Enjoy your time outdoors on windier days thanks to our wind-breaking technology. The PUMA x VOGUE collection comes straight from the runway to keep you protected on your runs while still looking sophisticated. The pinstripe shows off the emblems of both powerhouses, making it stylish enough to wear out too. 


dryCELL is designed to absorb perspiration from your body and keep you feeling cool and comfortable so nothing can get between you and your workout.

Perfect for amateur or professional athletes, this technology helps eliminate sweaty distractions, centreering your focus on success. The PUMA Fit Woven Fashion Training Jacket is a  perfect way to experience the power of dryCELL while looking great on the track.


ULTRAWEAVE is a super light fabric that promotes mobility. The four-way stretch reduces friction, making your workouts that much more enjoyable. 

The fabric is ideal for those looking for that perfect workout fit, as it looks great and is tailored for athletes. The RUN ULTRAWEAVE Running Jacket is the perfect combination of function and style. 

What Is the Purpose of a Sports Jacket?

A sports jacket is an outer layer that protects you from the cold during those outdoor workouts. Ideally, you want it to be crafted from breathable fabric so that any moisture can evaporate quickly. The best part about wearing a sports jacket is you can switch up the track bottoms for a pair of jeans, and it can make for a great casual weekend outfit for the weekend. 

The Archive Remastered T7 Women's Track Jacket is a great example of a jacket that can be worn to the track and out and about. Its retro style makes it an instant classic, and the breathable cotton helps you stay cool on the track. 

Should a Track Jacket Fit Tight for Women?

You should style your PUMA gym jackets however you feel comfortable. You can wear it tapered and pair it with some comfy track pants for a run around the city or style it baggy with some skinny jeans for a night at the movies. The options are endless.

What Are the Most Popular PUMA Jackets for Women?

Depending on your needs, we’ve compiled a list of classic jackets that are perennial favourites. Take a look: 

INFUSE Women's Woven Jacket

The INFUSE collection expresses the spirit of the times for today's modern woman. This eye-catching woven jacket is designed to flatter with its cropped fit, standing collar and full-zip closure. The bold colour palette, intricate stitching and distinctive zippers combine to create a statement piece that exudes confidence and style. Perfect for adding edge to any wardrobe, this versatile jacket will take you from day to night with effortless ease.

ESS Women's Padded Jacket

This jacket is the perfect choice for staying warm and dry while exploring the city. It features state-of-the-art rainCELL, windCELL, and warmCELL technologies, which are designed to keep you protected from the elements. The water-resistant fabric ensures you won't get wet in a sudden downpour, while the windCELL layer protects you from strong gusts of wind. The warmCELL insulation helps to maintain your body temperature in cold weather. This stylish jacket also features minimal branding on both sides for a sleek look.

Whichever one of our styles you prefer, every one of them will help boost that next workout you’re planning. Explore the elements with PUMA. Shop the range today.