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PWRFrame TR 3 Men's Training Shoes 4099686140700 NZ$ 160.00
Fuse 3.0 Men's Training Shoes 4099686597177 NZ$ 190.00
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Disperse XT Men's Training Shoes 4062453229533 NZ$ 88.00

If you’re serious about getting the most out of your workout, you need a training partner that helps you push your limits. So next time you hit the gym, bring along a pair of PUMA men’s training shoes. Supporting and sustaining your performance is crucial for success — so bring the best.

The men's gym shoe range from PUMA is packed with quality kicks, each making use of the latest and greatest in PUMA technology. We've made them as light, breathable and durable as they've ever been. So get yours today and feel the difference of PUMA workout shoes.

Technology That's Built For The Gym

PUMA wearers know that top performance comes from putting in your best, day in and day out. But if doing your best is the goal, wearing the best should be the standard. That's why PUMA training shoes make use of the latest technology on the market.

So next workout, put your best foot forward with PUMA gym shoes.

Performance And Style In One Shoe

It wouldn't be a PUMA training shoe if it didn't look as good as it performs. With PUMA's new batch of men's gym shoes, we've managed to retain those great looks while making our trainers perform better than ever before.

The great thing about our men's gym shoes is that they look just as good at the gym as they do with a normal outfit. With a huge range of colours to choose from, you can go for the understated monochrome — or spice it up with loud colours and fluoro highlights. The choice is yours. But whatever you choose, make sure you lace up with PUMA.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Benefits of Wearing Training Shoes?

Training shoes are a versatile type of footwear that is designed to be lightweight, comfortable, and supportive, making them ideal for a variety of activities that require both strength and agility. 

They offer stability in all areas, allowing you to run, jump, sidestep, and stop confidently. With their ability to provide a combination of benefits, training shoes are considered the jack of all trades in the shoe world. PUMA's gym shoes are an excellent choice if you're looking for a pair of shoes that can tackle any workout with confidence. So whether you're hitting the gym, running laps on the track, or swivelling on the court, training shoes are an essential piece of equipment that can help you push farther.

Are PUMA Training Shoes Durable?

Absolutely! PUMA's training shoes are built to endure even the most rigorous workout routines. The incorporation of LQD CELL technology delivers exceptional cushioning that keeps your feet comfortably and securely in place throughout your workout. You can trust your PUMA shoes to withstand the most demanding gym or street activities.

What Are the Different Types of Training and Gym Shoes?

You don't always just do one type of training, and for that reason, PUMA doesn't just make one type of training shoe. Each one of our shoes is designed with certain types of training in mind. 

For example, running shoes are great for short bursts of pace, thanks to their lightweight cushioning and flexible soles. 

On the other hand, weightlifting shoes are able to cope with the extreme loads of lifting due to their stiff soles and high arch support. This keeps your feet locked in place while going for your personal bests.

Cross training shoes combine different elements from both weightlifting and running shoes to provide support, stability, and to aid with agility. That's a lot to fit into a pair of shoes, but PUMA’s done it

What Should I Look for When Choosing Training Shoes?

If you're serious about getting the perfect shoe for you, then the main thing to consider is the type of training you'll be doing. Choosing the shoe that is best equipped for your training style will lead to the best experience.

If you're a weightlifter, for example, you're definitely going to want a few key features in your shoe. Features like a wide and flat sole will be desirable for maximum grip and stability while you're lifting. If that's your kind of thing, try our Fuse 2.0 Tiger Camo Men's Training Shoes

Also, consider the density of the sole and how it feels. Higher-density soles are better for weightlifting whereas lower-density soles are better for cross training and running applications. This is because higher-density soles won't compress as much under heavy loads when compared to low-density soles.

If your main form of training is cross training or another circuit training fitness class, you'll have different needs for your men's gym shoes. You'll be doing a lot of lateral movement in this type of training, and lifting your feet a lot as a result. Here, it's important to look for a locked-in heel with lots of stability. PUMA's LQD CELL technology works brilliantly with shoes of this style. It's also a good idea to try and look for a lighter-weight shoe for this type of training, to avoid the feeling of heavy feet during your workout.

What Are the Differences Between Running and Training Shoes?

Running shoes and training shoes are two examples of footwear that differ based on their intended purpose. 

Running shoes are designed to go fast, and to help their wearer blast off with every step. With this in mind, running shoes are often lightweight with flexible, softly cushioned soles to allow for quick movement and responsiveness. While these shoes are great for running, there are more tailored options available for other physical exercises like training and gym.

Training shoes are designed to be able to handle lots of different purposes. They feature wide, flat soles with stiff uppers that provide a locked-in feel when moving around or lifting heavy weights.

Can I Use Running Shoes for a Workout?

Running shoes are great at what they're designed for. But can they be used for other types of exercise such as gym workouts? The answer is yes, absolutely. However, we wouldn't recommend this as a long-term solution, as there are more purpose-built options available at PUMA.

Running shoes are usually soft-soled and highly cushioned. When working out, it's best to go for a firmer sole and a slightly heavier shoe to retain stability.

How Long Should I Keep My Gym Shoes?

It's best to replace your gym shoes once they start to show signs of wear. The exact time that each shoe takes before showing signs of wear will vary greatly depending on how often the shoe is used and the conditions it's used in. 

Reach Peak Performance With PUMA

Stride into your next training session with all of the latest technologies tied to your feet. For the best in men’s training shoes – there’s only PUMA. Shop online or in-store today. If you have any questions, reach out to our customer support team.