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From the stadium to the street, PUMA basketball shoes are the kicks you want to have on your feet. Whether you’re lining up for a match-winning buzzer beater or dominating in defence, PUMA men’s basketball shoes combine technology with style to give you that extra edge. Browse the full range online today. What Makes A Good Pair...

From the stadium to the street, PUMA basketball shoes are the kicks you want to have on your feet. Whether you’re lining up for a match-winning buzzer beater or dominating in defence, PUMA men’s basketball shoes combine technology with style to give you that extra edge.

Browse the full range online today.

What Makes A Good Pair Of Basketball Shoes? 

While competing with the best requires a fair amount of talent, skill, and practice there’s no doubt that the right shoes can help improve your performance. But what makes a good pair of basketball shoes?

We can answer that – the team at PUMA has been designing high-quality men’s basketball shoes for decades. Our relationship with the sport goes all the way back to the 1970s and the legendary Walt Frazier. Better known as “Clyde”, Frazier was arguably one of the first professional basketballers to have a custom boot developed for his foot and game style. Working closely with PUMA’s expert team, Frazier came up with a pair of basketball shoes that were lightweight without sacrificing the level of flexibility and support he required to dominate the game. 

So, what have we learnt since then? 


Well, starting from the ground up, a good pair of basketball shoes will provide the level of traction required to make a fast break with ease and style. 

Basketball is a quick-moving sport, and you can’t be left hoping your shoes will keep up with your feet. Our men’s basketball shoes provide unparalleled grip, with a full coverage outsole of high-abrasion rubber compound offering stability and traction. Try our Fusion Nitro Basketball Shoes to see what we mean.


Equally as important as traction is the level of midsole support. Too little, and you’ll find yourself slipping and sliding in your shoes. Too much, and you’ll find it difficult to maximise your agility. The TRC Blaze Court Basketball Shoes feature ProFoam, our lightweight, high-rebound EVA midsole solution that provides cushioning and a responsive ride.


Finally, you need to consider the upper. The term ‘upper’ refers to the outer layer of protection that surrounds your foot. Basketball shoes can have three styles of uppers – low-top, mid-top, and high-top. Which you choose largely depends on your style of play. Our Triple Mid Basketball Shoes, for example, provides appropriate ankle support without hindering your ability to move, which is perfect for players who find themselves assigned to all four corners of the court.

What makes a good pair of basketball shoes in NZ? Well, they’re made by PUMA.

How Should Basketball Shoes Fit?

Like all sports footwear, basketball shoes should be comfortable and provide appropriate support without hindering your ability to move. This is particularly true in basketball, where the game often moves at break-neck speed, and agility is a highly-prized attribute. 

Many of our men’s basketball shoes, including the popular TRC Blaze Court Joshua Vides Basketball Shoes, come with a lace closure to ensure a snug and supportive fit.

For more information about size and fit, review the size charts on our website. 

Does The Weight Of Basketball Shoes Affect Speed And Jumping Performance?

In a sport that’s all about combining speed with power, the smallest change can have a significant impact on your overall performance. 

While a lighter pair of shoes is unlikely to send you straight to the NBA, switching up your footwear may unlock another level of performance on the streets or in your local league. 

We’re always looking to give our customers the edge, which is why many of our men’s basketball shoes, like the TRC Blaze Triple Sneakers, are constructed from CMEVA, a compression-moulded EVA material that ensures lightweight performance.

PUMA Fusion NITRO Technology – What Is It?

What sets PUMA basketball shoes apart from the rest of the competition? Aside from our fashion-forward style, our kicks are infused with leading technology to maximise your natural speed, agility, and power.

Take our Fusion NITRO Basketball Shoes, for example. NITRO FOAM midsoles provide superior responsiveness and cushioning, which is complemented by the FUZIONFIT+ adaptive compression band for an unparalleled fit and lock-down.

To play like the best, you gotta wear the best. You gotta wear PUMA.

Can I Play Basketball In Running Shoes?

It’s certainly possible to play basketball in running shoes. However, if you’d prefer to make an alley-oop than an air ball, it’s worth investing in a pair of specialist shoes that provide the traction and support you need.

Basic running shoes are unlikely to have the type of high-tech features that make our men’s basketball shoes the choice of amateurs and professionals alike. Wearing running shoes, you can say goodbye to FUZIONFIT, our adaptive compression band, for unparalleled fit and lock-down. You’ll have to make do without a NITRO foam midsole, which provides superior responsiveness and supreme comfort. Your ankles may have to survive sans PWRTAPE, targeted upper reinforcement that provides support and stability for when you’re making a fast break.

Can you play basketball in running shoes? You’re welcome to try.

Are Basketball Shoes Good For Everyday Use?

Basketball shoes are equipped with a range of features that make them an excellent choice for everyday use, particularly if you need a certain level of support or simply want to bring a touch of the court to the streets.

Of course, if you are participating in another sport, like football, running, or motorsport, or are simply going to hit the gym, it might be a good idea to invest in a pair of sport-specific sneakers. Browse the full range of footwear on our website to find the perfect pair for your active lifestyle.

When Should I Replace My Basketball Shoes?

Once you’ve found a perfect pair of basketball shoes, you’ll probably find yourself wishing they’ll last forever.

A quality pair of men’s basketball shoes should last you some time – the exact length will depend on how often you’re playing and how hard you take to the court. A professional NBA player like LaMelo Ball, for example, will go through a couple of pairs each season. Someone hitting the streets every few weeks for a pick-up game with friends is unlikely to put their shoes through quite the same paces.

Basketball shoes should be replaced when you feel the traction wearing out, along with the inner cushioning and ankle support.

Can Basketball Shoes Be Used As Streetwear?

Basketball shoes may be made for performance, but that doesn’t mean PUMA cuts corners in style.

In fact, our men’s basketball shoes are made for the stadium and the streets, with cutting-edge technology and design coming together for the ultimate sneaker. 

Take our popular Rise Nitro Basketball Shoes, for example. Vibrant pops of colour are paired with a lightweight knit upper for an eye-catching fashion-forward design. Friends and fans will know exactly where your allegiances lie with the PUMA Cat Logo proudly displayed on your shoes' tongue, heel and outsole. 

Available in three colour combinations, this is a pair of shoes that will look more than at home on the streets or wherever you choose to strut your stuff.

How To Clean and Care For Basketball Shoes

There are a few key steps to follow in order to ensure your basketball shoes last for as long as possible.

To start with, regularly remove any excess dirt and debris from the soles of your shoes. A soft brush can be used for this purpose but avoid scrubbing too hard – you may damage the more delicate areas of the shoe.  

You can rinse your shoes in warm water to help clean more stubborn stains. Just be sure to allow them to dry naturally and fully before popping them back on.

Avoid placing your basketball shoes in the washing machine or dryer, as you’ll likely damage them or discolour the material. Harsh cleaning products should also be avoided at all costs.

Do Any NBA Players Wear PUMA Shoes?

Few sporting leagues in the world boast quite the same level of fame and power as the NBA. It’s home to the world’s top players, and quite a few of them prefer to play with the PUMA logo on their feet.

In 2018, PUMA returned to the stadiums and the streets with a new line of basketball shoes. Who better to oversee our creative strategy, marketing, and product design than the one and only Jay-Z?

Over the past five years, a number of NBA newcomers and superstars have added their names to our roster, including LaMelo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, Deandre Ayton, and Michael Porter Jr. 

Over in the WNBA, superstars Breanna Stewart, Skylar Diggins-Smith, and Katie Lou Samuelson are all proud PUMA ambassadors. 

What PUMA Shoes Does LaMelo Ball Wear?

The third pick in the 2020 NBA draft, Charlotte Hornets’ point-guard LaMelo Ball quickly made a name for himself by winning NBA Rookie of the Year in his first season, an accolade that was backed up the next year with selection as an NBA All-Star.

LaMelo has worked closely with PUMA to design his very own basketball shoes, which are also available for customers to purchase. The line of shoes that have sprung from this collaboration meld the best of PUMA technology and LaMelo’s agility and style to produce kicks that are simply out of this world.

Want to play like LaMelo? You gotta suit up like him, too.

Shop For Men’s Basketball Shoes With PUMA

Whether you’re aiming for the big time or simply shooting hoops with mates, PUMA men’s basketball shoes will provide the traction and support you need to make your move.

Check out the full range of basketball shoes in NZ online today.

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